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Naturally-aged, salvaged & reclaimed wood has a beauty all of its own with flaws & variations a-plenty, adding character.

The 'Skindles' Story... or " if landfill is the answer, it must have been a stupid question".
Skindles Hotel

Skindles* started as a coaching Inn in the 1740s. It stood on the banks of the Thames in Maidenhead, steadily gaining a rather racy reputation. Its heyday was in the 1970s & 80s with its nightclub “La Valbonne”.

Sir Winston Churchill had stayed there, star bands had played the nightclub. Worth preserving, one might think…


Empty & derelict for years, demolition started in October 2015. Foxwood stepped in & asked what was to happen to the historic beams and floorboards: “Going to landfill” came the reply. 

We thought that was pretty silly so we bought and reclaimed as much timber as was salvageable.

From that timber, Foxwood hand-crafts beautiful items like these…that makes us happy!

*Skindles B&W photo © The Francis Frith Collection.