Chicken coop: “Eggton Abbey”

Foxwood mud kitchens are all crafted from reclaimed packing cases, and are designed to be outside in all weathers.
Let’s get kids outside, making mud pies in their own kitchens! Please note – we use play sand in ours – you may wish to do the same 😉

When you have groups of enthusiastic, active kids who need a creative play space, then Foxwood bespoke mudkitchens are worthy of three stars! Sturdy, safe, robust, spacious and feature-rich, they encourage creative play and interaction. And they look pretty good as well!

Your Foxwood mudkitchen will be designed with you, and for your children. The layout, shape & size will always be designed with maximum play value at the forefront. They will feature ovens, hobs, grill, taps, sinks and storage areas, all of which have ‘working knobs’ to enhance play value and realism. (Obviously they don’t actually work- just thought we’d mention that!).

All you need to add will be utensils, pots & pans (Charity shops are great for these), play sand (much better than to have to hose mud off children after every break), and children!


Size and Price set after discussions