Child’s second chair – “Awks”


So, your little cherub has grown out of their high chair and wants to sit at table with the big people..
.. and you’ve hit the “Awkward second chair syndrome”

Mealtimes just got stress-free* with the Foxwood “Awks” second chair for children.
Hand-crafted from reclaimed hardwood, the Awks chair is sturdy and stylish, but most importantly- theirs!

Made with the seat height at 50cm (adult chairs generally are 45cm) off the floor, it gives the child the ability to sit at a comfortable height at the dining table with the adults at mealtimes. Finished with anti-bacterial oil for easy wipe-clean use, the Awks chair comes with ‘seat wings’ to start with: these are for the ‘shuffle-bottom’ stage of development, where the child wants independence, but still needs some security. They can then easily be unscrewed and stored away for the ‘climbing’ stage, where your 18mth>2yr-old wants to climb up/down by themselves, and can be trusted to sit still without support. The rails and stretchers for the legs are designed to be just the right height to help young mountaineers get to the top! They are suitable for a child’s use right into their early teens.

The Awks chairs are so sturdy that adults often sit in the ones here at Foxwood HQ, and their slim width can help when trying to squeeze multiple diners around a small table. They are stylish enough to grace any dinner gathering! Every chair is unique because the wood is sourced individually every time, so your chair(s) will be very personal for your child(ren).

*possibly 🙂

Delivery options:
Collect from Foxwood FOC
Foxwood delivery within 20 miles of HQ at SL6 9JT : £10
Parcelforce 48hrs: £45



88cm x H 33cm W x 33cm D