Child’s rope swing – “Wheeee!”


We all love a swing.
From your very earliest childhood days, you can remember that feeling in your stomach as you were pushed, or swung your legs to and fro…..
.. and you couldn’t help but smile and go “Wheeee”!

Foxwood will hand-craft your Wheeee! rope swing seat from salvaged rounds of tree trunks, or you could even supply us one from your own favourite tree after the surgeons have done their work. Seasoned rounds are best, and the thicker, the better. Foxwood will then fill any cracks with resin, which will set hard and give an even surface. This is then sanded all over to become completely flat with no sharp points which might hurt little legs. Finally, it is given multiple coats of yacht varnish to give a glassy finish to protect against all weathers, year-round.
Oh, and we guarantee that it will look so beautiful, you’ll want to marry it.

The Wheeee! swing can be supplied prepared and pre-drilled and varnished alone, or to include a softeye splice, securing rope grip, and length of rope as a package. We recommend the rope is 20mm sisal, which is what is used both on our swing over The Wallop Brook here at Foxwood HQ, and in the other example shown,
and comes in 3 lengths :
up to 5m
5m > 10m, and
10m > 15m

Please note: The initial price for the Wheeee! swing is for supplying and preparing the seat ONLY.



Delivery options:
Collect from Foxwood FOC
Foxwood delivery within 20 miles of HQ at SL6 9JT : £10
Parcelforce 48hrs: £35



various sizes

Additional information

Please select:

Collection by Customer foc, Foxwood Delivery within 20 miles of SO20 8HN £10, Parcelforce 48hr Delivery Small £35


Seat only- No Rope, Rope & tackle up to 5m, rope & tackle 5m > 10m, rope & tackle 10m > 15m