Child’s Sledge – “Cresta”


We hope for snow, but kids PRAY for it!
Magical, scary, slippery, cold, bright white snow….. And lots of it!

Oh well.
Mostly in the UK we get very little snow, just a dusting sometimes, so sledges with thin runners can often get a bit stuck.
The ‘Cresta’ is the best of both worlds- a child’s sledge especially constructed on a pair of wooden child’s skis!!  Perfect!

Made from “Lucky Bums” wooden child’s skis with a specially-constructed sledge top made from English ash for flexibility, the Cresta sledge will be winner!

Delivery options:
Collect from Foxwood FOC
Foxwood delivery within 20 miles of HQ at SL6 9JT : £10
Parcelforce 48hrs: £45

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90cm x L 40cm W x 25cm H