Greenhouse from salvaged double-glazed units

When gardening is a passion, you need a space you can be passionate about…..

Foxwood replaced a standard, tired, 30yr-old plastic & metal greenhouse with larger, custom-built greenhouse, but it’s about much, much more than that….
It was about creating a space in which Mrs Foxwood could actually look forward to going into and working on seedlings, cuttings, coaxing young plants and so on…

With a slightly-larger footprint, we sourced oak sleepers for the base and framework. We then toured local double-glazing company yards and salvaged (with permission!) the scrap windows which they had taken out of houses when replacing with new.  We sorted through and found the panes which hadn’t misted up and selected consistently-sized ones to make the neatest finished product. We then stripped the glass out of their UPVC frames and recycled those. We found a door and window on FB which had hardwood frames and double-glazed glass, plus three characterful 1930s leaded lights which looked great.
The whole greenhouse is built from these salvaged glass panes – sides, walls, roof… the lot.

The best bit was being able to fit in Mrs Fox’s late father’s greenhouse workbenches, pots, tools and so on. As a Master Gardener himself for JLP, this was an emotionally-bonding piece of work which makes Mrs Foxwood smile every time she walks in. Job Done.


2500 x 2000 x 2400