Jungle Slide & Bunty House


.. is often a question asked about ready-made activity play systems you can buy on the net or from shops.

But, when an outdoor activity area / assault course / slide / playhouse is needed, Foxwood can design, source materials and build it at great value for money with maximum fun and safety.

The result you see here: using a bit of wit and making the most of the space we designed a play space which could have been dreamed up by Lewis Carroll. The walls and roof of the Bunty House* are all sloped / bent / at crazy angles. Children love swooping through the leaves down the ‘Jungle Slide’ and we have lost count of the amount of “tea and cakes” we’ve been served from the Bunty House and L-shaped mud kitchen.

*why ‘Bunty House’? – well, we thought that there are plenty enough Wendy Houses as it is, we wanted to be different, and the comic which my sister Wendy read when she was a girl was called “Bunty”.
well, you did ask.