Mud Kitchen – Bespoke designs

 THEIR space, no adults allowed!

We all know that kids love their own hidey-holes… Unless they want to “cook” endless pieces of toast and cups of tea for us.

Wherever you have space, you can have a Foxwood mud kitchen designed and crafted to fit!
Any nook or cranny can now be converted into a fun space, just for them.

Built from sturdy timber, loaded with features: hobs, knobs, grills, ovens, shelves, taps, washing up bowls… the opportunities for creative play are endless.

Foxwood mud kitchens are all crafted from reclaimed packing cases, and are designed to be outside in all weathers.
Let’s get kids outside, making mud pies in their own kitchens! Please note – we use play sand in ours – you may wish to do the same 😉

All you need to add will be utensils, pots & pans (Charity shops are great for these), play sand (much better than to have to hose mud off children afterwards), and children!


Size and Price set after discussions