Occasional Table- “Windsor”


The Windsor table can be your newest best friend.
The space underneath can store books, the magazines you’re yet to read, tissues, odd’n’ends etc.
The top can display flowers, candles, the magazines you want visitors to read, drinks mats etc… you can even rest your feet on it when you’re on the sofa whn you have a TV boxset night.

The Windsor table is chunky without being over-heavy, and is carefully-crafted from selected planks of salvaged wood, reclaimed from their former job as packing cases or a pallet, chosen becaue they combine durability and visual appeal. Each plank has its own individual appearance due to the organic nature of wood, and so each Windsor table becomes your unique piece of useful furniture too.
This is the house style for Foxwood – a rustic, practical product that looks fabulous, gives you great service for years, and yet is a better use of old timbers than simply burning or tossing them into a hole in the ground.

In fact, given it doesn’t need a walk or feeding, it will soon become (wo)man’s best friend and you’ll wonder how you coped without it.

Incidentally, behind the table you may see the wooden mantlepiece, made from a slab of barn-find beam… see”Barn” section for details.


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60cm L x 45cm 8 x 30cm H

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Client collection from Foxwood HQ foc, Delivery by Foxwood within 20 miles of HQ SO20 8HN £10