Planter – “Quandry”


We’ve all got one of these somewhere…..
… part of our gardens which catch enough sun to be able to encourage something to grow,
but it’s an irregular shape, or there’s something in the way like an awkward drainpipe…
or any number of reasons why a shop-bought item simply won’t fit.

It’s a Quandry…. and ours is made from reclaimed softwood packing cases .….
Designed specifically to fit your needs and your unique location,
the Quandry will be the exact shape, size and height that your space demands
so that you get chance to grow whatever you desire.

Obviously, these are made to order and will be quoted individually, but this one shown here would cost approx. £90

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Size – bespoke to order
Example shown: Approx £90

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Collection / Delivery

Customer Collection, Foxwood Delivery within 20 miles of SO20 8HN £20