The Fleet Playhouse

‘The Fleet Playhouse’
it may sound like an elegant ArtDeco building, but this is a theatre of imagination and activity for two active young boys.
They can scramble up the climbing wall, using different routes each time, and wriggle in through the “secret” entry; they can shin their way up the knotted rope like a pirate; they could even just use the sturdy steps.
Once inside the raised den, they have lookout points to spot incoming enemies / parents, and a bench on which to plan their escape by any route, including the slide.

Underneath is the galley / strategy board, with the bespoke Foxwood mudkitchen crafted from salvaged packing case timber. This great play-value piece has twin taps,  an oven with ‘grill shelf’, and three hobs, all with twiddle-factor knobs to simulate setting cooking temperatures. Here they can “feed” the troops and plot out on the chalkboard their next campaign of fun and active play.

This may be the deathknell for plastic playtime…