Theodore – the mobile prosecco bar!

Lady Whistledown would approve of Theodore….

.. taking something which others had discarded and transporting it – literally – into another social sphere where it could shine !

“Why Theodore?”
“Well, I think he’s male, sophisticated, and knows a lot about wine”.

“ChamperVan” was the brainchild project of young Miss Foxwood. Having sourced a very, very old horsebox down on the South Coast, we set about restoring and converting it into Theodore.

Actually, strike that, we basically rebuilt him from the ground up: Welding to the chassis, new tyres & wheel bearings all-round, removed and replaced floor, removed side padding, de-rusted and re-glassfibred the patches, repainted, refurbed the two ramps and covered in artificial turf, replaced door hinges, wired power in for lighting and chillers, built front bar, built rear bar, fitted shelves, fitted lights, mended the roof, added guide rails, installed a chiller, fixed the spare wheel to the front, mended the jockey door… the list went on… and on.

And- was it worth it? You bet- just look at him!!
The only issue being that Miss Foxwood then bought half a boat (see Widebeam barge) and that then hoovered up her time…
So Theodore was sold on (at a tidy profit) to pastures and adventures new…. If you see him, give him a toot from us.